3rd Dec 2018

> Estate planning is about much more than just who will receive your assets after death. > Proper estate planning can reduce the cost, time and likelihood of conflict when your assets are to be transferred to your loved ones. … more

4th Sep 2018

> Relying on state or federal laws to administer your estate is never advisable. > Beneficiary designations supersede the provisions of a Will or Trust. > By organizing your assets as a part of your estate planning, you can ensure … more

31st May 2018

> Every legal adult should ensure that his or her wishes are clearly stated in proper estate planning documents.   > Safety nets available to married individuals with children are not as reliable for single individuals.   > Failing to … more

1st Apr 2018

POWER POINTS > In an effective estate plan, both federal and state estate taxes must be considered. > Flexibility is essential to allow the trustee to maximize the available exemptions or defer estate tax liability for as long as possible. … more

1st Jan 2018

POWER POINTS > The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act increases the estate and gift tax exemption to $11.2 million per person in 2018. > Estate plans that are outdated or fail to consider the estate tax at the state level … more

1st Dec 2017

POWER POINTS > The end of the year presents a great opportunity to review your estate plan, your newly acquired assets and the funding of your Trust. > An unfunded Trust fails to take advantage of one of the greatest … more

1st Oct 2017

Creating a responsible estate plan does not have to be as painful or difficult as many people believe. As a matter of fact, the whole process can be completed within a few weeks. More importantly, once it is complete, you … more

1st Aug 2017

> Removing the counsel of experts rarely results in decreased costs and increased efficiency. > Each asset’s characteristics must be considered carefully when being transferred, whether it is due to divorce, planned giving or death. > Integrating your advisers allows … more

1st May 2017

One of the primary techniques used to reduce a person’s taxable estate is making gifts during his or her life to other individuals, usually children or grandchildren, using the annual gift tax exemption ($14,000 in 2017). An individual can make … more

2nd Apr 2017

> Is this about wine?  Unfortunately, no. > What does it mean to decant a trust?  Trust decanting is the process of pouring the assets of one irrevocable trust (the “original trust”) into a second irrevocable trust with more desirable … more