1st Jul 2016

> Estate tax and administration laws are state-specific, so articles and general advice must be taken with a grain of salt. > A proper estate plan is based on your specific family and financial situations and tailored to achieve your … more

1st Jun 2016

> The benefits of asset protection must be considered when you are building wealth, not when you need to protect it. > Transfers of property that occur specifically for the purposes of hindering, delaying or defrauding creditors are considered fraudulent. … more

1st May 2016

> Without an estate plan, Prince’s half-siblings will stand to inherit the same share as his full-sibling.   > Failure to plan for a potential estate tax liability may lead to a forced liquidation of estate assets, including his vault … more

1st Apr 2016

> Proper advice and planning can protect inheritances from creditors, bankruptcy and divorce.   > Non-marital property that is commingled with or treated as marital property will also be subject to equitable division upon divorce.   > While divorce is … more