12th May 2019

John Singleton, writer and director of the seminal 1991 film, Boyz n the Hood, died on April 29th at the young age of 51.  Singleton, who had reportedly been diagnosed with hypertension, suffered a stroke on April 17th and was … more

1st Mar 2019

Renowned fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, died on February 19, 2019, at the age of 85.  Lagerfeld was not married and did not have any children, but he is survived by his cat, “Choupette.”  With nearly 300,000 Instagram followers (@choupettesdiary), Choupette … more

3rd Dec 2018

> Estate planning is about much more than just who will receive your assets after death. > Proper estate planning can reduce the cost, time and likelihood of conflict when your assets are to be transferred to your loved ones. … more

4th Sep 2018

> Relying on state or federal laws to administer your estate is never advisable. > Beneficiary designations supersede the provisions of a Will or Trust. > By organizing your assets as a part of your estate planning, you can ensure … more