2nd Aug 2015

> Outdated estate planning documents can be as dangerous as not having an estate plan at all. > A proper estate plan should provide significant asset protection and oversight for your beneficiaries. > A change in your family or financial … more

30th Jun 2015

> Reducing the estate tax and administration burden on your family during a difficult time is an invaluable benefit of proper estate planning. > An incomplete estate plan can lead to extensive legal costs and permanently strained relationships. > The … more

1st Jun 2015

> Every legal adult should ensure that his or her wishes are clearly stated in proper estate planning documents. > Safety nets available to married individuals with children are not as certain for single individuals. > Failing to plan can … more

1st May 2015

The addition of two words to the Social Security Act could have a significant effect on the law governing special needs trusts. A special (or supplemental) needs trust is established for the benefit of a disabled individual to provide for … more